Movie Release of M3GAN Brings a New Perspective Of AI

Ria Naraian and Shri Easwara

M3GAN, the depiction of the rise of AI, was released in theaters in early 2023. It slowly grew to become popular among all audiences. The movie features a doll created for the sole purpose of entertainment. Eventually, M3GAN takes on a rather dark and vengeful undertone. 

Cady, whose parents passed away in a car crash, is sent to live with her aunt, Gemma. In a growing society, AI fills their everyday lives, and Gemma seeks to create new technology. When Cady seems to be lonely and withdrawn with the new changes, Gemma creates a doll to keep her company. 

The marvel of artificial intelligence in this movie was one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much. Megan is a horror comedy movie that is a good watch. It was genuinely scary and very comical. The story is interesting as it has an overall theme of new advanced technology taking over. The plot is pretty suspenseful and the effects and graphics also help make the movie great. The characters are nice and engrossing and fun which makes the movie funny and light. Although it is a funny movie, the horror is actually scary. The jump-scares actually made me jump and were unexpected. It was a short yet nice movie and it was a great movie to watch with friends. Megan also has one of the funniest death scenes. Megan becomes angry with a dog named Dewey who has been giving Cady a hard time so she kills him by impersonating his owner shouting “DEWEYYYY” in a robotic tone. Funny and chill movie all in all.