I Watched The Super Mario. Bros Movie

Written by: Vivian Fannon

  At last, a movie adaptation of many 90’s and 2000’s kids’ favorite video game franchises has hit the big screen: The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Attaching a plot to the beloved Nintendo Mario Bros and their various games, the movie creates a cute and playful yet highly entertaining movie for both children and adults. With a cast of Jack Black, Chris Pratt and Anya-Taylor Joy, the movie is a star filled film that is suitable for all ages.

Before watching the movie, I was interested as to how they were going to incorporate the different game styles such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. I think that they did a great job in doing this, seamlessly adding these aspects into the movie in a way that made sense. The animation and  inclusion of details of not only small things in the actual games, but also attention to the smallest details in the background was very strong and made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

As for the plot of the movie, I enjoyed that there was a backstory as to how Mario and Luigi came to be, and I liked the different approaches they took to the storyline throughout. I think the side characters’ humor was light yet funny, giving everyone a genuine laugh that I wasn’t expecting. 

This movie is a family friendly yet highly entertaining movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. I recommend everyone to watch this nostalgic movie, as it brought me back to my childhood and allowed kids now to make it a part of their own.