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Liberty Track Competes in the District Meet

Photos courtesy of: Hani Deen
Liberty Men’s 4×800 team after running a new team record. (Sam Brockbank’ 25, Aadi Joshi ‘25, Zeid Rabi ‘25, Noah Miller ‘24)

The Olentangy Liberty Boys and Girls track teams competed last week in the district meet at Hilliard Darby High School. The boys team placed third out of fifteen teams, and the girls team won districts out of fourteen total.

4×800 Meter Relay

The boys 4×800 led by Zeid Rabi ‘25, Aadi Joshi ‘25, Sam Brockbank ‘25 and Noah Miller ‘24 took first place with a team record of 7:55.79. Liberty girls took second place with another team record of 9:29.71. consisting of Bridget Snider ‘26, Julia Bockenstette ‘24, Hannah Spires ‘25 and Elena Aldrink ‘26. Both relay teams qualified for regionals on May 22 and May 24.

100/110 Meter Hurdles

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Evan Elmquist ‘24 ran a time of 16.50 in the 110 hurdles, shortly followed by Agustin Martinez ‘26 in the prelims, both athletes finished the season with personal records of sub 16. Katherine Shepherd ‘24 represented Liberty girls and ran a 16.82 in the 100m hurdles, placing ninth overall, and finishing her season with a personal record of 16.71.

100 Meter Sprint

Daniel Anyanechi ‘27 represented the boys 100 meter running a 11.57 as a freshman on behalf of Rahnell Monroe ‘25 gaining a new personal record of 11.65. Liberty girls Kennedy Elfers ‘24 and Sophia Sampson ‘24 performed during districts, advancing through prelims with Sampson placing first, Elfers fifth with times 12.35 and 12.86. Both Sampson and Elfers punched their ticket into the regional meet during district finals, Sampson with a 12.11, Elfers a 12.53.


4×200 Meter Relay

Cayden Kocher ‘25, Julian King ‘24, James Brickner ‘24 and Adam Zaremski ‘24 finished through prelims with a 1:29.85, and ran the district finals with a time of 1:29.90, placing fifth both times. The girls represented by Kennedy Elfers, Natalie Nichols ‘24, Eva Mackan ‘24 and Alexis Mitchem ‘24 competed, placing fourth in prelims, and third in finals, pushing their way to regionals with a team record of 1:43.97.


1600 Meter Run

Zeid Rabi, along with Sam Brockbank made it through prelims, Brockbank placing first with 4:40.11, and Rabi sixth with 4:44.77. During the finals, Rabi advanced through the finish line placing first, with a personal and season best of 4:19.68, solidifying his regional ticket, Brockbank trailing sixth with a personal record of 4:24.81. Julia Bockenstette and Carolyn Canady ‘25 raced the 1600 meter, both ascending to finals, Bockenstette 5:36.87, Canady 5:42.56. In the finals, Bockenstette placed third with a season record of 5:11.40, qualifying for regionals, Canady a new personal record of 5:31.46.


4×100 Meter Relay

Liberty’s Christian Moulton ‘25, James Brickner, Greyson Harpman ‘24 and Adam Zaremski represented the boys 4×100 placing second in prelims, getting a team record of 42.65, and fourth in finals with 42.66. Similarly, the girls 4×100 of Kennedy Elfers, Natalie Nichols, Eva Mackan and Alexis Mitchem placed second in prelims running a 49.34, and third in the finals with 49.42. Both the boys and girls teams qualified for the regional meet.


400 Meter Sprint

Kellan Behrens ‘24 and John Mohler ‘27 competed in the 400 meter prelims, Behrens running a 53.94, Mohler a 54.26. Katie Boettcher ‘26 and Sophia Sampson ran in the prelims, Boettcher running 1:02.16. Sampson proceeded to the finals finishing second both times, with a prelim time of 58.63, and improving her personal record in the finals to 57.44.


300 Meter Hurdles

Andrew Kerscher ‘24 finished ninth in the 300 hurdles, with a time of 42.58 in the prelims, but his season best was 42.40. Liberty’s Maria Stack ‘25 and Katherine Shepherd ran as well, Shepherd placing eighth in prelims with a 48.68, Stack third with a 46.48. In the finals, Stack placed third again, with a 46.51, qualifying for regionals.


800 Meter Run

Aadi Joshi and Noah Miller ran the 800 meter, Joshi and Miller finishing through the prelims. Joshi earned a personal record of 1:57.83 in the finals, Miller a seasonal record of 2:00.69. Bridget Snider and Hannah Spires also continued through prelims, Snider racing a 2:28.70, placing first, and Spires with a 2:31.51. Snider gained a new season record in the finals and getting a regional appearance, with a 2:18.40, Spires placing eighth.


200 Meter Sprint

Alex Rucker ‘24 along with Carter Sullivan ‘26 entered the 200 meter, Sullivan getting a 23.93 and Rucker getting a new personal best of 23.67. Senior duo Sophia Sampson and Kennedy Elfers once again raced the prelims, Elfers 26.17, and Sampson 25.67. Sampson finished the finals with a 25.22 and marked her third regional ticket confirmation after the 100 and 400.


3200 Meter Run

Gordon Kimberly ‘26, raced in the 3200 finishing third in the finals with a time of 9:52.73. Kimberly advanced to regionals. Sam Perez finished his season with a 10:10.05, placing sixth. Additionally, Elena Aldrink finished first with a 10:59.69, securing a regional spot and getting a new personal record. Olivia Bachmann ‘27 finished with a 12:24.01 as a freshman starting in the district meet.


4×400 Meter Relay

The men’s 4×400 of Andrew Kerscher, Zeid Rabi, Aadi Joshi, Alex Rucker came fifth in the prelims with a 3:29.01, and finished their season as a team with a 3:31.83. The women’s team of  Natalie Nichols, Katie Boettcher, Sadie Okonak ‘25 and Maria Stack secured a finish in the prelims placing third with a 4:05.76, and fourth in the finals with a team record of 4:02.16, and getting a regional spot in the next meet.






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