Search and Rescue Blows Fans Away.


Written by: Ria Naraian and Shri Easwara

Drake launched a return on April 7 and released his first official 2023 song, “Search & Rescue.” 

This week’s No. 1 song, “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen, which has stayed at the top of the chart for a period of time, and falls short of the number-one debuts of last year’s “Jimmy Cooks” featuring 21 Savage. While not reaching number one it is still Drake’s 35th top five triumph.

This song’s beat is a maintained mix of deep bass and piano. Alongside that Drake uses autotune to bring out his monotone singing and rapping.

 It’s a departure from Her Loss, which received criticism for its chauvinist and disrespectful attitude toward women. The more mature content that some were requesting from the 36-year-old is represented by the change in subject. Drake is searching for the right person to take him off the market and save him from his current way of life in the new song.Something that’s different about this song and gives it a little edge is the fact that Drake uses a sound clip between Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner talking on the phone. 

Drake exposes his heart yet again and touches on a difficult topic in this song. He sings, “Come and rescue me,” asking his intended audience for help escaping his old life and finding someone . He also thinks back on his previous relationships and expresses deep regret for someone he let go. He says, “I don’t know how to express my love,” indicating that he has a poor method of expressing his feelings. Although it is a pretty expected thing coming from Drake it was something new and not as direct as his other songs especially from his last album. 

Drake has won over a lot of admirers with this release and earns an 7.5/10 overall. Although this song is pretty normal considering it’s a romantic song it was nonetheless very soothing to listen to. He added some new aspects to this single which is why so many fans fell in love with his music and his wise words “sad pony.”