Art at Liberty: Chase Wahlund


Chase Wahlund

Chase Wahlund’s Prosperity & Enlightenment

Hannah Yacob

Arts in Action club students have organized and held a number of art shows this year. They’ve set up galleries at Espresso 22 and at Local Roots. Most recently, Tuesday, October 11th, Chase Wahlund put together the Local Roots pop-up show with an impressive collection and a great turnout.

Taking artwork from students at Liberty and putting it on display at the restaurant showed off the span of creativity at the high school. Ranging from paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photography, and other art forms, the gallery was an array of diversity. Wahlund also showed some of her award-winning art. 

The space was filled and had many visitors. There were also snacks and appetizers for the guests to have while they looked around, almost all provided by Local Roots. 

Wahlund, who is committed to Savannah College of Art and Design and wants to pursue art further, put a lot of effort into organizing the event and making sure people knew it was happening and could come, using the remind to send out many messages.

“As young artists, we’re usually not taken seriously until we prove we can do something. So I found my own venues, curated my own shows, and created social media promotion,” Wahlund said. 

Receiving help from art department teachers like Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Gilsdorf, she has been able to conduct these galleries and also plan for others in the future that continue to show off student art. 

“We are hosting an art exhibition at the Vanderilli Room on January 13th. And for my pop-up gallery extension, I want to do rotations of artwork at our current venue, Espresso 22. I’ll also be opening more galleries in the future,” Wahlund said.

For anyone interested in keeping up with Wahlund’s work can follow her art page @thepeculiaroddities on Instagram. In order to stay up to date with the club’s upcoming galleries text @popup1 to 81010.