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MGMT Doesn’t Disappoint with “Loss of Life”

My Favorite Albums for “Stick Season”

Every year comes the time coined as “stick season”, a term most people were introduced to by Noah Kahan, a Vermont based folk singer. Stick season is the time of the year, mainly November, where all the leaves have fallen but snow hasn’t yet hit the ground. Everywhere is barren and cold. I think this time of year can be enjoyed by music that really captures the distinct quiet sadness we are all aware of as the weather becomes gray and the sun sets at 5 pm. 


Stranger in the Alps (2017)

Phoebe Bridgers

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Her debut album, Bridgers sings about death, childhood, love, and an array of complex emotions that resonate during this time of year. My favorite songs are “Smoke Signals”, “Funeral”, and “Georgia”. She also does an amazing job covering “You Missed My Heart”, one of the things Bridgers is known for as an artist.  


Tidal (1996)

Fiona Apple

Some might disagree with this being the chosen Fiona Apple album instead of When the Pawn… However, though songs like “Paper Bag” and “Get Gone” do a good job of encapsulating the season, Tidal’s “The Child is Gone”, “Pale September”, and “Sullen Girl” truly feel like the empty coldness that awaits outdoors.


Lush (2012)


Mitski is known for her experimental music and her thought provoking lyrics. Her first album is painfully sad and introspective. Her self image, longing, and struggles are all on display. Something we can all relate to as December nears. “Bag of Bones”, “Liquid Smooth”, and “Real Men” are the perfect songs for this.


Everybody Else Is Doing It So, Why Can’t We? (1993)

The Cranberries

Calm and unique, this debut has its fair share of amazing songs. Questions are raised throughout the album as the band describes the feelings of suffering, admiration, and love poignantly. “I Still Do”, “Linger”, and “Pretty” are the songs I gravitate towards most. Both happy and sweetly sad, this is what music a person should listen to as they enter the holiday season.  


Atlanta Millionaires Club (2019)

Faye Webster

Webster is known for her distinct voice, lyricism, and sound. This album ranges from upbeat with heart wrenching lyrics to slow and simple. She speaks about herself and to a “you” throughout the album’s entirety, point of views anyone can apply to their own life. She has mastered the art of self isolation, shame, and bittersweetness. “Hurts Me Too”, “Jonny”, and “What Used To Be Mine” in my opinion are staples through the whole year, and especially now. 


Amoeba (2021)


“Blouse”, “Harbor”, and “Bambi”, Clairo knows how to speak to the soul. Her music in this album is the personification of the season, quiet and downcast with the duality of an upbeat sound. I picture listening to this on a cool morning, frosted over to the point you can see your breath, heading out for a warm hot chocolate.

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