The Batman (2022) Movie Review


Avery Cook, Staff Writer

In January of 2020, production began on The Batman. Filming was eventually shut down due to COVID-19, but this only grew the anticipation for the film. The newest version of the story of Batman, first introduced to the world in 1939, stars Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. The film was finally released in theatres on March 4th, 2022, when I was fortunate enough to see it.


This installment of The Batman had heavy political themes, something that I found very engaging. The movie was able to stick to the familiar detective noir that it is known for, appealing to the long-time Batman fans. We see the dark side of Gotham slowly exposed throughout the movie and are able to begin to connect the dots ourselves, immersing the viewer in the film. What I liked most about this movie is the way that it delved into the psychology of Batman. He had voiceover monologues throughout the film, showing us the dark and personal side of the well-known character. 


Robert Pattinson’s performance as Batman was amazing, to say the least. Pattinson was able to perfectly portray the angst of Batman, allowing the character to truly come to life. He kept a mysterious air about him the entire movie, perfectly coinciding with the vibe of the film. Pattison costarred with Zoë Kravitz who played Selena Kyle, more commonly known as Catwoman. Kravitz was a perfect actress to play this role. Kravitz has proved herself as an amazing actress before in films like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Divergent, but this film highlights her ability to play a dark character. Pattison and Kravitz had astounding chemistry, keeping the viewers actively engaged in the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle.


This movie was very heavily advertised with the romance between Bruce and Selena, which ironically I felt the film was lacking. Their relationship felt very rushed, with little plot devoted to its development. I enjoyed that the movie was primarily focused on the central plot involving The Riddler, but I wish that Bruce and Selena’s relationship would have been less all-over the place for the amount of hype it was given leading up to the film’s release.


The Batman currently stands as the biggest opening of 2022, exceeding expectations by racking in an estimated $128.5 million at the North American box office opening weekend. I urge everyone to see this action-packed version of the iconic story of The Batman.