Reynolds Blows it Away in Free Guy


Hailey Myers, Writer

Most movies you watch with your family won’t appeal to every member, but that may have just changed. “Free Guy,” will keep you well entertained that going to the bathroom may just have to wait until credits roll in.

I went to the movie theater, excited to see a movie on the big screen; I hadn’t seen one since the beginning of the pandemic. Certainly, I wasn’t expecting to end the movie ready to see it again. But, this movie did have the impact that others don’t. I’m not usually laughing out loud, but everyone in the theater seemed to be laughing just as much as I was.  

“Free Guy,” can appear to be something that only teenagers and Gen Z find interest in, but it brings a new look into the gaming world for everyone to see. From the drama of game creators, a game catapulting in days, to the players who actually play a game, the movie finds a niche for everyone.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, a video game character. His acting is phenomenal, and he shows a serious, but goofy side throughout the whole movie. He really made the whole movie come together. His acting keeps you invested throughout the film, which makes it seem more realistic to the viewers.

With Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl, Taika Waititi as Antoine, Lil Rel Howery as Buddy, and Joe Keery playing Keys, the movie doesn’t seem like a bunch of actors talking for money, but that they like the role they’re playing. The movie also features well-known gaming YouTubers such as Pokimane, Jack Septiceye, DanTDM, Lazarbeam, and Ninja. 

Humorous references throughout the movie just seem to tie in perfectly, but it also has some heartwarming and frightening elements. The actual graphics themselves are some key factors in making the movie so appealing, but particularly the special effects. It pictured what an actual video game looks like, but actually excellent graphics that seemed well-developed.

Rotten Tomatoes’ verified audience gave “Free Guy,” a 4.6 out of 5 rating. If I could tell you one thing, it would be to go online and purchase tickets to the soonest showing. And for the full experience, go ahead and get it in 3D. This movie hits every point I wanted it to, it’s definitely five out of five stars.