New Hip-Hop Phenomenon, Ice Spice, is Causing an Internet Uproar


Maggie Brown and Caroline Mohler

A new revolution has taken over the music industry and social media platforms.  The legend herself, Ice Spice, has become an internet sensation and is expected to become the next huge star. Commonly referred to as “the modern day reincarnation of Princess Diana”, Ice Spice has gained a huge following of fans (also known as munchkins). 

The rapper began her career with a huge hit called Munch (Feelin’ U) in 2022 and followed up with her second hit, In Ha Mood in 2023. She embraced her Princess Diana spirit with her single Princess Diana. At first, haters referred to her as a “one hit wonder”, but she has proven them wrong considering In Ha Mood now has 25,235,122 streams on Spotify.

On platforms like TikTok, these so-called “Munchkins” have started many trends and sounds dedicated to Ice Spice. Some of the trends include showing dogs and cats listening to her music, remixes with other popular songs, and representing her in many artistic forms (slime, cakes, etc.). Munchkins have also created an “Ice Spice Cult” on Tiktok to show their undying love for the rapper.

This rise in popularity is allowing Ice Spice to expand her influence by releasing new music and joining collaborations. Recently she joined with PinkPantheress to release the song Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 which now has 84,712,342 streams on Spotify alone. In more big news, Ice Spice is set to model for Beyonce in her new Ivy Park x Adidas collection. 

Despite the star only being 23 years old, she has produced hit after hit in the hip-hop community. She has gotten on Billboard’s Top 100 leaderboard multiple times. Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 is currently ranked 14th on the charts.

We hope to see her support continue to grow and her platform to expand, being fellow Munchkins ourselves. Ice Spice is truly our generation’s queen of music.