Predicting Homecoming 2021 Songs

With the homecoming dance just around the corner, we are all eager to experience it again especially under the lights of the football field. There are many new albums and songs being released this year so I was eager to set my personal predictions for the songs that will be blaring on the speakers tomorrow from 7-10. 

Here are my 10 predictions for songs that will be played tomorrow night. 


Good For You: Olivia Rodrigo

Rodrigo has been absolutely rocking out on her albums this year. I fully expect one of her songs to make the cut. 


Cha-Cha Slide: DJ Casper

I don’t think we have ever made it through a dance without this one. “Slide to the left!”


Call Me By Your Name: Lil Nas X 

This one will definitely be one of the first few songs played. 


Time of our Lives: Pitbull

Mr. Worldwide is definitely going to give us the time of our lives tomorrow for sure.



Up: Cardi B

After hitting the charts when being first released, Cardi always tends to hit the top favorites. 


Heat Waves: Glass Animals

Going viral on social media is a first way ticket to the homecoming dj playlist. Expect this one for sure. 


STAY (With Justin Beiber) 

Another popular song from social media, nonetheless still a very Hoco song. 


Way 2 Sexy (with Future and Young Thug)

Just trust me on this one. This has been on my playlist since it came out and I would expect this one tomorrow night. 


Levitating: Dua Lipa 

When has Dua Lipa not been on the lineup? She stars every year giving us some of the best songs. 


Flashing Lights: Kanye

Hearing this song on the car radio 24/7 makes me eager to hear this one blaring as well. Definitely the right vibes for homecoming.