The Best Episodes of Glee by Season

Written by: avery cook, staff writer

Anybody who knows me knows that Glee is my favorite TV show. It is a hilarious comedy about a high school glee club, and the teenagers that partake. As someone who has rewatched the series several times, there are certain episodes that I consider to be iconic. These are my favorite episodes of Glee in each season.


Season One: Vitamin D


Season one was a hard decision because every episode feels nostalgic. I ended up choosing “Vitamin D” mainly because of the music. This episode contains a mashup of Halo by Beyoncé and Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves that I love. On top of that, the plot is very entertaining and the episode is early in the season so you’re still getting to know the characters. 


Season Two: Grilled Chesus


Season Two is my favorite season, making this another hard decision. I landed on “Grilled Chesus” because the plot is just so ridiculous. One of the main characters, Finn, burns his grilled cheese in a way that ends up looking like Jesus. Throughout the episode, he begins to pray to the so called “Grilled Chesus”. This episode is so funny and is always worth a rewatch. 


Season Three: Nationals


This episode never fails to make me shed a tear, purely because of how much of a devoted fan I am. This episode showcases the final competition for the seniors, those who have been around since season one. I’m not sure why this episode upsets me so much, as the characters that graduate continue to be in the show. This episode just causes me so many emotions that it felt wrong not to honor it here.


Season Four: Glease


As can be assumed from the name, the glee club does a production of Grease in this episode. I often find myself coming back to this episode because it combines two things that I love. The Glee covers of songs from Grease are actually quite good. I always love an episode where the club performs a musical, but this one is my favorite. 


Season Five: New New York


I love this episode because it is one that I find comforting. It shows the dynamics of the friendships between my favorite characters as they’ve all moved to New York City. I honestly just love the simplicity of the episode, and often rewatch it.


Season Six: Dreams Come True

I felt that I had to put the final episode of Glee here. In all honesty, season six isn’t great, so there wasn’t much competition. This episode makes me cry and always ends with me going back and starting again from episode one.