My Thoughts on A&W by Lana Del Rey

Written by: avery cook, staff writer

On February 14th, Lana Del Rey released yet another single for her upcoming album, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd. The album is coming out on March 24th, and Lana has already released one other single. Her newest single, A&W, is one of my favorite songs she’s released yet.


The song is seven minutes long and has two distinct parts. The first part is very consistent with much of Lana’s recent music. The lyrics are beautifully written and accompanied by soft music. I felt that this part of the song was vulnerable and personal to Lana. This is one of the things that I love most about her music. Listening to her music can feel like you are reading her diary. Lana is a lyricist that is incredibly gifted at articulating emotions in her music. This section was a lot like the music that I typically listen to from Lana, so it was no surprise to me how much I enjoyed it. 


The second section of the song feels like much of Lana’s early music. This was a pleasant surprise to many of her fans, including myself. Much of her recent music, though amazing, has been very slow and generally pretty sad. This section of A&W has an incredible beat along with catchy lyrics. I don’t typically listen to music like this section, but I enjoyed it a lot. The music just felt so fun and I instantly knew that I was going to love the song. This part sold me on the song as a whole. 

A&W has me incredibly excited about Lana’s new album. I love longer songs from Lana because she never loses quality throughout. I hope to hear more songs of this length on the album. I enjoyed having the song in two sections, it felt like it completed the story very well. Since listening to the song a few more times, I have come to appreciate it and it’s grown to be one of my favorite songs at the moment. I cannot wait to hear what else Lana has in store for her fans.