New Season of Ginny & Georgia is Released on Netflix


The new season of Ginny & Georgia was just released on Netflix in early January. This second season is taking social media by storm.

This series follows a mother-daughter relationship filled with lies, secrets, and tension. Georgia, the mom of the series, has a criminal history, but was able to get away from her past through gang connections. Just as she’s managed to finally settle down with her family, her past has finally caught up to her. 

At the same time, she has to “protect” her kids from the dangers she faced in her childhood. Georgia, a previous teen mom, struggles to play the mother role correctly for Georgia and Austin in her strange situation.

A private investigator begins to uncover Georgia’s secrets while she tries to recover her relationship with Ginny and become a better mother. Meanwhile, Ginny harms herself and is faced with discrimination at school but she doesn’t have anyone to support her. 

The second season focuses on Ginny who must figure out how to cope with understanding her mother is a murderer, even if her intentions were to protect her.

Late in the season, Austin’s father, Gil, is released from prison, and with two ex husbands in the picture, Georgia’s kids are demanding answers.

The show has gained a wide audience due to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, featuring snippets of episodes that people find to be funny or cringey. A particular audio on Tiktok is paired with awkward clips from the show.  

Although it’s reached millions of viewers, a lot of people criticize the show for being cringey and overdramatic. The show dives into themes like crime, comedy, angst, romance, and coming of age elements.

If you’re looking for a casual watch and have nothing else to do, we would recommend the show. Season one is pretty thought out, but season two is very chaotic. The plot is interesting, but the execution wasn’t completely there. We urge you to keep in mind that it can be incredibly frustrating and predictable to watch.