What to Expect at Club Picture Day

Written by: Maggie Brown and Natalie Contini

This Friday Olentangy Liberty High School is having their club picture day. Make sure you have the correct times for your pictures from your club leader since there will be no additional announcements throughout the day. With the addition of many clubs this school year, there will definitely be a full day of pictures to take. Along with the normal Liberty clubs there will be class cabinets and music classes having pictures. 

“We technically include music classes as clubs as well as class cabinets so we have around 86 clubs as of now but we are constantly getting more,” Junior and the school’s yearbook club editor Shreshta Ramidi said. 

The club picture times are in timeslots of 25 minutes, one at the beginning of the period and one towards the middle. There might be some overlap between pictures but yearbook is hoping it will go as smoothly as possible with everyone’s help.

“What’s going to happen is we are going to have a group come at a specific time so they might come at 8:15 and we might have multiple clubs in the gym but we use 20 minutes to get everyone situated and do one club at a time. It’s best for the members to come right at the time scheduled,” said Ramidi. 

Make sure to follow instructions and contact your club leaders for any extra information or questions you may have!!