Construction Causes Headaches


The “Sophomore Lot Solution” Starner proposes to make traffic more manageable in the front of the school.

Written by: Annie Fields

Since before school ended last year, Olentangy Liberty High School has been stuck in the middle of road construction that is disrupting the typical flow of traffic in and out of the school. The project, taking place on Sawmill parkway and Home road has been significantly delayed due to a utility issue. 

Principal Starner offers his insight on the construction issue and how to best address it. 

Despite having little control over the construction process, Liberty Staff has made it a point to communicate what knowledge they had very early on. 

“What I didn’t want is the community to feel blindsided by us,” says Starner. 

Since Liberty has no say in the way in which the construction is carried out, the only thing Liberty Staff and students can do is focus on solutions.

“Every single day we’re trying to get 2000 people in here, essentially at the same time,” says Starner. 

This is no small feat for the staff of Liberty Staff and Administration. Prinicipal Starner sympathizes with how inconvenient it is for everyone coming in and out of the school. 

“I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for every kid and every family,” says Starner. “But, I think everyone’s adjusting quite well.” 

The good news is that although we are told the construction won’t be finished until October 3, the front entrance into the school should be opened up soon. Until then Starner recommends that students getting dropped off at school do so in the sophomore lot. 

He also encourages us to stay positive although it’s frustrating. 

“This too shall past,” says Starner.