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Juniors Win it All

A Review of Liberty’s 2023 Powderpuff Game

Last night, Olentangy Liberty had their annual powderpuff game, where female students can play on their grades football team and compete against the other grades, and all proceeds go to the Driven Foundation. 

The first game was juniors against sophomores, which was a hard fought battle between two equally talented teams. The juniors won the game 25-32, pulling through in the second half to secure the victory.

The next game was seniors vs. freshmen. Despite many predicting the seniors would blow out the freshman, the underclassmen held their own. In the first half of the game, no one scored. This trend continued until the last three minutes of the game, when the seniors finally scored a touchdown and the extra point.

In previous years, juniors and seniors had only ever been able to play in Powderpuff. For the first time, freshmen and sophomores had been able to participate. Many upperclassmen were glad the championship was between the juniors and seniors, arguing that this is how it should have been from the start.

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The championship game between the juniors and seniors was extremely tense. Possession and scoring went back and forth, and by halftime, the juniors were barely winning. Due to the tight game, there was significant trash talking amongst the players. By the end of the game, the juniors and seniors both had fifteen points. 

The championship game eventually went into overtime. Originally, overtime consisted of kicking field goals to determine the winner. However, this method was changed for unknown reasons, and the upperclassmen began two point conversions. Winning the flip of the coin toss, the juniors chose to defend first. The seniors did not succeed in their first offensive 2 point conversion, and following their possession, the juniors were unable to score as well. Once again, the seniors were on the offensive, but failed to score. Finally, on the juniors second offensive two point conversion, they capitalized on the scoring opportunity and secured the W. 

Maria Stack ‘25, the quarterback of the junior team, played a major role the entire night, with her clean passing and swift maneuverability to gain yards. She was undoubtedly the MVP of the night. Madeline Pohmer ‘25 also played a critical position as the junior’s running back, with her high speed and agility.

Overall, the 2023 powderpuff game was an incredible success for the juniors. This is only the second time the juniors have beaten the seniors in Liberty’s powderpuff history.

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Caroline Mohler
Caroline Mohler, Staff Writer
Caroline Mohler is a Junior at Olentangy Liberty High School. This is her third year in the journalism program and second year in The Cannon/Patriot Press. She is a staff writer for Patriot Press and a Copy Editor for The Cannon. In her free time she likes to read, play lacrosse, listen to music, and watch Netflix.

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