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The student news site of Olentangy Liberty High School.

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The student news site of Olentangy Liberty High School.

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AP Plaques at Liberty Going Digital

At Olentangy Liberty High School student recognition is very important. One way of expressing student recognition is by printing students’ names on plaques when they receive 5’s on AP exams. After the 2023 AP exams, students were wondering where the new plaques were. Instead of new plaques, people observed TVs getting installed.

The plaques are not getting completely taken down, but the school is going to start utilizing the TVs for the students who receive 5’s on AP exams now. 

“The boards are going to stay but one we are running out of space, and two companies charge and it’s hard to get the same colors and boards,” said Principle Micheal Starner.

The AP plaques needed to be transferred over to TVs at some point because of the shortage of space, but also because of the expense the school had to endure.

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“The cost is just crazy, but with technology, we can recognize every kid for every year moving forward at less of a cost than one year with the boards. ,” said Starner. 

The AP boards were extremely expensive and the school thought to use the money to better the school in other ways.

“The boards are thousands of dollars per year, and we would rather use that money for other things that would be more helpful,” said Starner.

The school decided to remodel that unique aspect of the school that shocked some students, but it is one decision that will continue to recognize the hard work of students and will continue to improve the school.

“You start running out of space which is a big problem with the boards, said Starner. 


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Ria Naraian, Staff Writer
Ria Naraian is a junior at OLHS. This is her third year writing for the Patriot Press. She enjoys music, making art, and baking. She is in clubs like Speech and Debate and LLS.

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