NFC Season Predictions

Written by: Sam Wilson, Staff Writer

The NFL has become the leading sports company in the United States and is worth over 111.8 billion dollars. Fans from all over the country tune in every week to watch their favorite teams battle each other. I am a huge fan of the NFL but most importantly the Browns. Today we are going to take a look into my predictions for the 2023 season specifically in the NFC.


  • NFC North Winner: Detroit Lions
    • I really like this Lions team, they will improve on the already good team that they constructed last year. They added some weapons in the draft and free agency and I am really just excited to see how this year plays out for them. The rest of their division is struggling but the team that could pose a threat is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have so many good players but just can’t seem to get it done at the most important times.


  • NFC West Winner: Seattle Seahawks
    • The Seahawks are one of the flashiest teams in the NFL with the types of players that they have and have acquired. They were not great last year but I think after a couple of games this year they will pick up speed and will become the best team in the NFC West. The 49ers dominated in this division last year` but now that the Seahawks are going to take a step up I believe they will decline to the level of the Cardinals and the Rams.


  • NFC South Winner: Atlanta Falcons
    • This is definitely not my favorite choice but I believe that this Falcons team can be really good if Desmond Ridder can continue to develop and get better and with the addition of Taylor Heinicke you can trust this offense a lot more. This division overall is just extremely weak and has a lot of parody because really you could make a case for anyone in the division to win.


  • NFC East Winner: Philadelphia Eagles
    • This is the most obvious one because of how dominant the Eagles were last year. Jalen Hurts was given a huge contract and no one doubts that he is going to try his best to live up to the standards that were given to him with this contract. I do not believe that the Cowboys will be able to content with the Eagles and the Giants and Commanders just lack the rosters to be able to compete with the Eagles.