AFC Season Predictions

Written by: Sam Wilson, Staff Writer

The 2023 NFL season will begin with an exciting game between the defending super bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs and an exciting young team the Detroit Lions. This season is being hyped up because of all of the moves made in free agency and the amount of star power and talent in the draft. Needless to say, I am excited to see how this season plays out, and here are some of my predictions.


  • AFC North Winner: Cincinnati Bengals
    • This Bengals team has one of the best WR rooms in the NFL and a top 5 QB with Joe Burrow. The offensive line has been shaky as well as the defense but if these pieces solidify then the Bengals have a shot at the Super Bowl. The AFC North is the strongest division in football so it will definitely be fun to watch how it pans out.


  • AFC West Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
    • I don’t think that there is much parody in this division since the rise of the Mahomes and Kelce age. This team has now won its second Super Bowl and does not appear to be stopping along with the help of the immense defender that Chris Jones was last season. The Chargers are a great team but haven’t shown that they can go deep into the playoffs and the Broncos and Raiders are both in the midst of a rebuild.


  • AFC South Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars
    • I think this will be a repeat year for the Jaguars as this is one of the weakest divisions of football. Trevor Lawrence had a great year in 2022 alongside Travis Etienne who will look to continue his great rookie year. They will now get Calvin RIdley back who hasn’t played in a full year but should have a great year.


  • AFC East Winner: Buffalo Bills
    • Along with the Chiefs, I think this team under Josh Allen will not have a lot of trouble even with Aaron Rodgers entering into the division. The Dolphins are also a great team but I think it will take a couple of years for them to develop. The Patriots are trying to rebuild the team but are struggling to pull all the correct pieces together. So I think the Bills will end up running away with this division.