Mia Werchowski chases after the Olympics when realizing her dream of Ice Skating


Hadley Ehlers


By: Hadley Ehlers

Photo Credit: Mia Werchowski


 Mia Werchowski has passions for singing, painting, crotcheting, and a dream of traveling to Italy. Her family consists of her Mom, Dad, her brother Miles, and her sister Maddie. Some of her favorite things are the color pink, manatees, spending time with her friends, and skating. Mia has been skating since 2019, and her favorite memory of skating is when she attended the Miami Synchro camp in 2022. She currently skates for a team called Chiller Synchro which is a group of figure skaters who compete as a team. After spending some time training, Mia realized that her ultimate dream in life is to skate in the Olympics. 

“I’ve grown up watching the Olympics with my parents and I’ve always wanted to skate on T.V. So, I guess it would be really cool to pursue that dream later in my life.” Mia explains how she would like to go to college and skate, but she isn’t sure exactly where yet. 

“I first met Mia in my seventh grade math class and we became best friends that year. Covid set us apart during middle school so during our freshman algebra class, Mia and I reconnected and now we’re best friends again,” says Brooke Feldman. “Mia is one of the most caring people I know, and she is so trustworthy and loyal.”

When asked what she would tell a younger skater in need of advice, she answered, “Don’t ever sweat the small stuff, it’s not worth stressing over and getting upset about. And never get on the ice with your skate guards.” 

“Mia is an amazing friend, and she is always helpful and caring to the people around her. She always has a positive attitude and never tries to bring anyone down,” says Ayden Lewis. “I always enjoy my time with her and I just love hanging out with her.” 

Overall, Mia sees a long future of skating whether that’s for the Olympics, or for fun.