Orchestra Senior Night Commemorates Special People

Elizabeth Szeto

The highly anticipated OLHS Orchestra Concert took place on May 15, showcasing talent with heartfelt melodies, and a special focus on graduating seniors. 

Hosted in the auditorium, the event was not limited to senior performances alone. The event also opened the floor to any orchestra member who desired to showcase their talents. Members from all orchestras were able to participate, and play “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. This was a fun way to include everyone with a song many know.  Seniors played “Remember Me” from Coco, as a special goodbye piece. Solos and ensembles were also played by upperclassmen to showcase their skills. 

Aside from the music being played, awards were given to outstanding members of the OLHS orchestra program. They were congratulated and called onto the stage and given certificates, plaques, and other awards. Jordan Chu, was awarded the National School Orchestra Award. Taylor Sessanna, was awarded the Director’s Award. Adrien Zhong, was awarded the Leonard Bernstein Award for Musicianship.