Student Council Is Hosting Liberty’s First Pep Rally in Five Years

What to expect this Friday (2/3) for the pep rally.

Natalie Contini and Maggie Brown

This Friday February 3rd, Student Council will be hosting Liberty’s first pep rally in five years in the main gym during a long homebase between 2nd and 3rd period. It will be forty minutes long but might go over depending on the activities. Leading up to Friday, students are encouraged to participate in the Spirit Week, which will end with a grade color war. Each grade will wear a different color, Freshmen will wear black, Sophomores wear grey, Juniors wear white, and Seniors are wearing blue.

“The Pep Rally is going to be run by the Student Council but we are enlisting the help of this semester’s student section leaders to generate excitement from the crowd,” says Abhi Bodha, Senior in Student Council. 

At the pep rally the main focus will be on five special students being recognized for their exceptional National or Military achievements. 

“We will be recognizing people who have made a difference in the Liberty community over the past 2 years,” says Bodha. 

Another activity being featured is the student and staff dodgeball tournament. It will be a very fun event to watch and with the help of the student section leaders it will bring high energy. 

“We enlisted the help of staff members and students to specifically upperclassmen to participate in the dodgeball game and we are randomly choosing those students and staff to play in the game itself and we hope that it’s a fun event to watch,” says Boda.

This year is the first year that everyone in the school will be able to fit in the main gym because of the steady size decrease of classes. For the Class of 2023 as seniors this will be their first pep rally in High School and they are hoping to continue the tradition.

“Student council feels like it’s important to generate a sense of camaraderie and unity that we think that liberty is missing right now and that a lot of students have been asking for a Pep Rally over the past few years,” Bodha says.