Active Minds Hosts Stress Less Week

Written by: Ella Mohler and Caroline Mohler

As midterm exams quickly approach, many students at Olentangy Liberty High School are experiencing stress and anxiety. These exams will take place from Wednesday, December 14th through Friday, December 16th and make

up 10% of the students’ semester grade in a course. Students with a full schedule will have three exams on Wednesday and Thursday and two exams on Friday, which can become extremely overwhelming. However, students at OLHS must remember that the prioritization of mental health over grades is important and necessary for their well-being.

Active Minds, a club at OLHS dedicated to destigmatizing mental health, is working to minimize the level of stress that students experience. Throughout the week of December 5th, also known as “Stress-Less Week” students can participate in different activities and themes provided by Active Minds that encourage school spirit and promote mental health. 

On Monday, students are encouraged to wear Liberty apparel. There will be activities in the Main Gym during all lunch periods, including basketball. In addition, students will add ‘Words of Encouragement’ to the Active Minds bulletin board located outside of the Student Services Office. 

On Tuesday, Active Minds has asked students to wear monochrome outfits to school. During lunch periods, students will be able to make their own stress balls at the Active Minds table located in the lunchroom.

On Wednesday, the spirit wear theme is comfortable clothing, whether that be sweatpants and sweatshirts, or anything else that is comfortable. During all lunches, students have the opportunity to participate in yoga in the Main Gym.


On Thursday, students are encouraged to wear holiday spirit wear. During lunch periods, they will be able to relax and destress by listening to music and coloring at the Active Minds table.

On Friday, Active Minds has asked students to wear their pajamas to school. Rather than an activity located in the lunchroom, Active Minds decided to conclude the week by providing students with hot chocolate. This hot chocolate will be available at the Student Services table in front of the Student Services office before school. 

Midterms are a very stressful part of the school year. However, students shouldn’t overlook their mental well-being just to attain specific letter grades. Take time out of the day to immerse yourself in these exercises provided by Active Minds in order to destress, relax, and have fun!