I Watched Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

I Watched “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”


I was granted the privilege to see the “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.” After going to her concert in August, I could put the movie to the test to see if it could immerse me into anything remotely close to her actual concert. 

Immediately upon entering the theater, there were swarms of Taylor Swift fans, all decked out in merch, “Eras Tour” outfits and of course, friendship bracelets. When scanning our tickets, my family and I all received our own Taylor Swift poster, which I was surprised to see. I had my heart set on getting the exclusive Taylor Swift cup and popcorn bucket, but to my disappointment, they were out of popcorn buckets at only 6:30 P.M. Fortunately, I was able to get a cup, yet at the outrageous price of 10 dollars. Though, they did put pink glitter on our popcorn, which was a festive touch.

As for the actual movie, it was simply a recording of the last show in the U.S., which was in Los Angeles, California. The camera angles gave a close view of Swift throughout the show and actually did a good job of capturing the experience, as they panned the camera to fans at times of excitement. 

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I enjoyed that I was able to get a closer and different view of the concert, seeing a full view of the large screen in the background, the dancers, and Swift’s full facial expressions. 

There has been controversy, though, with people on social media sharing their bad experiences at the movie. Fans have been “disrespectful” during the showings, dancing in front of the screen and singing at obnoxious volumes. Thankfully, my showing was with a contained crowd: everyone was singing but at respectful volumes. I had a great experience and really enjoyed watching the show for a second time. It brought back memories while also showing me new aspects of the concert I may have missed.

Since the show was recorded in L.A., I also got to experience the thrill of finding out the “surprise songs” that I did not know about. I also enjoyed that the end credits shared a message from Swift, expressing her gratitude for her fans and supporters, which then followed with videos of actual fans from the shows. 

Overall, the movie was a great experience, allowing not only for me to see the show again, but for people who may have not gotten the chance to get tickets to get a close experience of it. I think Swift has really brought people of all ages together, which was clearly shown at both the actual concerts and the movie showings. I recommend everyone to watch this movie, there are sure to be “eras” for any demographic to enjoy. It was definitely worth watching, everyone should experience the magic of Taylor Swift.

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