Is Floptok Flopping?

Written by: Nikhil Ravilla and Caroline Mohler

Floptok, once a unified and prosperous community on TikTok, has now largely emerged as divided; whether it be oldgen* against newgen*, or Pooja Mishra against Deborah Ali-Williams, it seems as if Floptok has been filled with little else but strife as of late. Such begs the question: is Floptok dying?

Floptok began as a population of Tiktokers who shared similar humor and enjoyed certain creators. Floptok consumers, known as Flops, emerged in the past few months and have been attempting to garner money in order to purchase their own island, which would be called Floptropica. Enthusiastic Flops have already created a national flag, anthem, and merch. 

Additionally, Flops have created their own fictional system of government and staffed their favorite Tiktok users to hold executive positions. For example, Deborah Ali-Williams, a director of a funeral home who posts content on the app, was their former “president”. Influencers like Trisha Paytas and Nicki Minaj were also picked for their “government”. Flops also have alleged mortal enemies, like the Tiktok community, “Da Boyz”. 

Flops have mostly prospered in their own private community on the popular app. However, as of recently, drama and tensions are dividing many Flops, and is causing a decrease in Floptropican support.

The primary conflict that has beleaguered Floptok has been between the “oldgens” and the “newgens”. Many accuse Pooja Mishra, icon and potential “president” of Floptropica*, as having been promoted to legendary status by the “newgens”. This has angered certain factions of “oldgens”; however, certain oldgens would argue that Pooja is the true “president” of Floptropica, and was wronged by the former, Deborah Ali-Williams.

Tensions are expected to rise, as recent polls for the upcoming 2024 Floptropican election show that Mishra and Ali-Williams may end up being tied. While Ali-Williams remains popular in the “capital” Flopton, Mishra has made steady gains in the “provinces” of Jiafei Island (where a Flopbes poll showed that 87% of the population supported her over Ali-Williams) and Flop Country.

In addition, many of “Da Boyz” have attempted to become Flops™, which has led to mass confusion and distress amongst the Floptropican population.

Taking that into consideration, Floptok isn’t going anywhere; thousands of Flops continue to show support for their “nation’s” pride. Despite domestic tensions, Flops will survive these “political” factions and remain as a renowned TikTok subpopulation. 


*oldgen and *newgen: words used on Floptok to designate those who have been on Floptok for extended periods of time (oldgens), and those who have only recently arrived on Floptok, including secret members of Da Boyz and Da Girlz (newgens). 

*Floptropica: a fictional island nation in South America that is the believed homeland of the Flops™; the population of “citizens” of Floptropica 

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