The Record by Boygenius is a Lyrical and Musical Masterpiece


Maggie Brown, Staff Writer

The recent release of the highly anticipated Boygenius album has me laying on the floor staring at the ceiling in shock. The boys (Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker) have a special bond that led them to form a band. Fans of them individually flocked to this new collaboration which propelled each of the boys fan bases as well as the band. I absolutely adore their new album and recommend everybody listen to it, there is definitely a song for everyone on it with the diverse tones and types of tracks on it. 


Without You Without Them– Starting off strong with this dreamy track, the boys’ angelic voices introduce and flow into the rest of the album. This almost lullaby-like song is not one I would put on in general however is a perfect beginning. 


$20– I absolutely adore the beat and tune to this Julien Baker focused single. I think it is in the most perfect spot in the album and I love how the song builds up to such a strong ending. 


Emily I’m Sorry– A classic Phoebe Bridgers song from the tone, songwriting, and melody. I am so glad this was chosen for the singles and the film because I love love love it. 


True Blue– Literally incredible I have such an attachment to this song because of the songwriting and almost relatability feeling this track brings. Lucy Dacus has this power to make you feel so drawn to her music which is showcased in this song as it is her focus. 


Cool About It– This is my favorite song on the album and physically pains me to listen to. The songwriting is incredibly powerful and leads you to listen to the end half of the song on repeat again and again. 


Not Strong Enough– Connecting the three members, this song was the final released single along with a music video. This is the missing link within those songs and really shows the connection between the boys which allows their fans to appreciate the music and band more. 


Revolution 0– This softer song adds to the range of tones that the album brings in. This is such an underrated track on the album and I love the mellow sound. 


Leonard Cohen– Short and sweet this song has such good lyrics and leads right into the last four songs in the album. 


Satanist– This headbanger of a song has me up and dancing which I never would have thought boy genius could have done.


We’re In Love– Another sweeter and slower song, this song is very heartfelt and represents the friendship between the boys. 


Anti-Curse– I appreciate the ode to Salt In the Wound in this song and think this track really reflects their EP album in the sound. 


Letter To An Old Poet– Already a fan favorite, this continuation of Me and My Dog brings a parallel towards the twin song. As the closing track I really enjoyed the boys’ connection towards their debut and fans.