A Comparison of the TV Show and Novel Daisy Jones and the Six


Written by: Maggie Brown, Staff Writer

The long-awaited TV show adaptation of bestseller novel Daisy Jones and the Six is being released in waves each week on Prime Video. This show also includes an original album with the music from the actual novel in it. So far there are many differences between the two including an entire band member erased from the show. Obviously part of this is to accelerate the storyline so the audience isn’t left bored or with 2 hour long episodes. I curated a list of my favorite additions to the show as well as the things I did not enjoy compared to the book. 


  1. Karen-Karen nickname- Personally this is one of the things I really miss about the book, this nickname felt like a representation of the inside jokes and family of the band. There is a feeling and atmosphere that is hard to recreate in the show of the community and relationships of the band. Because they wanted to get the plot moving, they couldn’t focus on the family-like bonds between the band members. Part of this included cutting one of the fans favorite details from the book. 
  2. Eddie-Camilla relationship- I don’t know how I feel about this question of romance between these two characters. This certainly makes the character Eddie more likable compared to his novel counterpart. I feel as if this makes sense for the character of Eddie but I don’t see them going anywhere because of Camilla’s marriage and children.  
  3. Chuck Williams and Pete Loving- Chuck Loving was the original guitarist sent to the Vietnam War who died during his time there, and Pete Loving was the first to leave the band and not entirely important to the overall plot of the book. Because of the format of the TV show I understand why they cut the characters and unlike other fans kind of enjoy the way it is with more personal connection to the other band members. 
  4. The character Simone- I like the further depth and development of Simone’s character and career in the TV show. This is definitely my favorite addition to the novel because I really loved her relationship with Daisy in the novel but now I feel like she has much more of her own role in the show. 
  5. The process of Daisy joining the band- Although this is just logistics, Daisy joined the band in a different kind of way in the novel. The writers shortened this for obvious reasons and although I like the way the book does it better, I do appreciate the way it happens in the show especially with the extra push from Camilla. 
  6. Billy and Daisy kiss- Okay. Literally why did this happen? I know that the narrators are unreliable in the novel but I hated this detail so much in the show. The relationship between the two is meant to be this chemistry and understanding between the two not an actual relationship.
  7. Camilla Photographer- This is also a detail I really really love in the TV show. Camilla has strong photography talents and took the photo for the album cover. This not only gives her a bigger role but also a more involved part in the band.