Checklists: A Productive Thing

Ria Naraian, Writer

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with school that you just can’t do the work? Well don’t just put it off to the side because we all know you won’t be completing that work.  Procrastination, we’ve all had our fair share. When you need to stay on track a great thing to help is a checklist. Literally creating a list of stuff you need to do helps a lot because nothing is better than the feeling you get after checking off an item on that list.  Checklists provide motivation for when you are procrastinating. They also help keep you organized and are a nice way of letting you know what you need to get done that day. Checklists all in all are a great thing to have when you have loads of work or things to do. If you are a big procrastinator and really need to see change in your efficiency rate when it comes to completing tasks give check lists a shot. They are great tools and do not cost money or resources. Research says that it helps to discipline and helps keep kids organized but it is also just really fun!