Three Opportunities for Teen Writers

Nikhil Ravilla, Staff Writer

As a teen writer, I can fully commiserate with the struggle presented before many of my peers, that is that of the seemingly omnipresent dilemma: “How (or where) can I get published?” The process of getting published can be daunting as it is, but this fear can be amplified as a teenage writer. To alleviate this, several publications have emerged; primarily, if not exclusively, appealing to teenagers, they provide a wonderful way to publish your work as a first-time, young author. As such, I have compiled a list of the following three literary magazines, in order to encourage you to have confidence in your ability to locate those publications where your work would feel most at home. 

  1. Flip the Page

A literary magazine exclusively for teenagers from Central Ohio (specifically Franklin, Delaware, Union, Madison, Pickaway, Fairfield, or Licking counties). Do note, however, that you are limited to two submissions, and both of those submissions can be no longer than 800 words. In a fortuitous occurrence, they recently extended their deadline from January 28 to February 11, making this a perfect opportunity to potentially submit your work for the first time! (This story may actually be published after February 11; if so, Thurber House, the organization which runs Flip the Page, is incredible, so consider supporting them!)

  1. Polyphony Lit

An online literary magazine for high school students, whose website states that it “invites high school students worldwide to submit creative writing, join our editorial staff, write blog posts, take workshops, and grow into leadership roles.” Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, Polyphony Lit gives feedback to every submission, allowing you to receive helpful input and criticism, an essential part of becoming a writer.

  1. Blue Marble Review

Although not exclusively for teenagers (they allow for submissions from those aged 13 to 22), this quarterly literary magazine is still a great way to get your work out there! Facilitating a vast spectrum of perspectives, they “welcome poetry, fiction, personal essays, travel stories, and opinion pieces…” A catalog of their issues, which can be read for free, can be found here: 


More information about the aforementioned publications can be found at: