SZA’s SOS Album in 5 Songs

Shri Easwara, Staff Writer

SOS is one of the rare albums that lives up to its name perfectly. SZA’s music

sounds and truly makes you feel like you’re lost yet euphoric. Singer and songwriter SZA released her new album, SOS, on December 9.  With 23 released songs on Spotify, she broke the record for biggest single-day streams for an R&B album. On the cover of SOS, SZA is sitting on what appears to be a diving board off a boat, floating above an expanse of ocean. She was inspired by the iconic 1997 photograph of Princess Diana doing the same on a boat in Portofino, Italy, and she wanted to recreate the image’s sense of isolation.


 1. Snooze

“I can’t lose when I’m with you / How can I snooze and miss the moment?”

This song was undoubtedly my favorite song in the album. It honestly gives such chill vibes, and I loved the vocals in this. It’s definitely an underrated love song, with the slow tempo. What really makes this song my favorite is how the slow tempo beat matches up with the whole theme of her album. 10/10 would recommend!

2. Seek and destroy

“Now that I ruined everything I’m so [expletive] free.”

SZA is in her villain era for this song! The tone she uses in her singing shows the message of how fierce love can be, how wounds can heal, but scars will remain. With the lyrics and the recurring mid-tempo beat, this song definitely became infectious. I couldn’t stop listening to it and its definitely a 10/10.

3. Kill Bill

I don’t want none, I just want you / If I can’t have you, no one should,

Note to self – do not end up on SZA’s kill list. This song was more of a mid-tempo, soft vocals song, with the names on her kill list. Her lyrics overlap at first with some upbeat tones, but in the end it takes a drastic tone as she brings the ‘crazy ex’ stereotype to life and kills her ex. I loved the small storyline and overall the beat worked great with the lyrics. 9/10 for me.

4. Shirt

“Comfort in my sins, and all about me,”

Shirt is an instant banger, as soon as the song starts playing the beat is incredibly catchy and addicting. Not to menton, its iconic for its previous appearance in October, when it was originally released and soon grew on the charts. Personally, this song was appealing because of the beat and music, rather than the lyrics, but overall a 9/10 as its a classic.

5. Love Language

“Patience ain’t no virtue with you,”

This song is an R&B classic, and SZA includes Aaliyah’s “I Don’t Wanna” with her single “Hit Different” to make this masterpiece. I would rate this song lower than the others, just because it lacked in the effect of music and voice, even if the lyrics were impactful.

SZA wanted to convey that feeling of isolation through her album, but also about growth–no matter how messy it may be, and I think she hit it perfectly. From the soft vocals to melodic chords, and the meaningful lyrics, she had an amazing album. I would highly recommend listening to it.