A Winter Movie For Everyone


Unsplash Snowman

Hannah Yacob

A big part that contributes to the coziness of the winter season is the movies, seasonal foods, and holiday spirit. As for movies, there are a couple that really embody the time of the year and get everyone in a winter-spirited mood (whether that be cold or warm and cheerful or dreary). Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and pop some popcorn while curling up with these movies. 


Frozen (2013)


An instant classic Disney movie that many grew up watching is the perfect holiday film. Though it doesn’t explicitly cover the holiday season as a subject, the movie is heart-warming and rewatchable. There are songs such as “Let it Go”, “For the First Time In Forever” (and its reprise), and “Love Is an Open Door” that everyone knows by heart. The ice-cold setting of Arendelle and the lovable characters make for a movie you can watch happily under a blanket while both laughing and crying. 


Little Women (2019)


Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women is a warm story following the lives of 4 girls. The holidays are featured in this movie and familial love emanates off of the screen. However, even though it can be lighthearted, it tackles deeper and darker themes conveyed impressively through great acting and writing. The range of the film and the relationships of the characters really make for a great watch during winter break. 


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)


The perfect movie to turn on with friends and family, Narnia is a great childhood fantasy movie to watch during this time of year. Whimsical and engaging, the story has a high-stakes plot that takes place in a cold, snowy setting with many memorable characters. This escapist movie brings anyone who watches on a journey from the comfort of their couch and leaves them wondering if they’ll ever discover Narnia themselves. 


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


This comedy about tragedy doesn’t take itself or its award-winning ensemble too seriously. Wes Anderson was able to create a complex and thought-invoking watching experience that has the ability to make people feel a range of emotions. The movie has the many layers of a murder mystery, origin story, and manhunt in the setting of winter in 1930s Europe. It’s a larger-than-life story that uses color and storytelling to be absolutely unique. 


Anastasia (1997)


This is a movie developed around the Russian Romanov family conspiracy, the youngest daughter of the country’s last emperor Anastasia was originally not found with the rest of her family after they were all murdered. Disney was able to develop this devastating story into a children’s movie that anyone can appreciate because of its historical background. The song “Once Upon a December” is only one example from this movie’s great song line up and the fashions of the time were shown off when the characters went to Paris. Watch for the happy ending that the real family never got. 


Black Swan (2010)


The only thriller on this list, Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan is a chilling movie that fits into the month of December perfectly. Since it is a psychological rather than gory horror it doesn’t feel overly Halloween associated. Swan lake itself, the performance that rules the entire movie, is a winter ballet story and so the entire movie takes place at the end of the fall-winter season as well. It is a great switch-up from any of the usual cozy holiday movies because of its thought-invoking plot and unforgettable complex characters. 


Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)


A hilarious romantic comedy that prompted 2 sequels, this movie manages to create a love triangle that isn’t angering and feels natural. Bridget Jones herself is made to be an extremely relatable character that represents the average awkward and aging single woman. The entire movie doesn’t feel like a stretch and everything that happens is at least somewhat realistic, something a lot of rom-coms can’t claim. A great part of the movie takes place during the holiday season and features things like Christmas parties and snowy weather. A definite good watch for anyone looking for a great rom-com during the winter time.