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Five of My Favorite Books With the Best Twists

November 15, 2022

Welcome to day two of my book lists!! If you are anything like me I love a book with unexpected surprises that leave me laying in bed or on the bus contemplating life. I’m a sucker for a good mystery novel and always have been, however there is a difference between a good murder mystery and a well executed plot twist. A twist takes true build up, and really messes with the reader psychologically. These books are perfect examples of this. 

GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn

This book will take you on a whirlwind of a read, the mood of the story escalates throughout making the twist truly shock you. Flynn’s writing portrays the different perspectives of the book almost like different stories as a whole, these personalities allow for a contorted story until it all pieces together. The build up of the first half of the story creates an atmosphere where you feel like you are missing something and as the book unfolds you don’t know what will happen next. After finishing this book I was in a state of stupor, on the verge of a breakdown from just how incredible the writing allowed the ending to become. I love Amy Dunne and all of her male manipulation and would give this book five stars times one hundred. 

SILENT PATIENT by Alex Michaelides 

This dark psychological thriller is impossible to put down. However it is one of those novels that the plot pushes you to read the rest of the book, not the characters. You can tell Michaelides takes inspiration from other authors through the setup of the novel. The narrator changes allows the story to grab the reader and not let go until they’ve finished it. Specifically the character Alicia compels the reader to want to know more. 

GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins

I cannot express enough how much I love a well-written unreliable narrator. This book has a little bit of a slow start but as it spirals on, you end up hooked. Personally I became very engrossed in the novel and ended up finishing it very quickly. Honestly the common theme with most of my favorite thriller books is having a fast-paced plot. This factor adds to the anticipation of the novel and makes the twist have more effect. 


Agatha Christie is much deserving of her nickname, Queen of Mystery. Although the books are normally quite simple, they are extremely clever and suspenseful. Starting off the bat, the book sets in an uneasy tension within the reader. Ten people are lured onto a remote island and begin to be punished for crimes they have committed. The ending left me baffled and I had to go back and reread right after to read every clue I missed. 

CROOKED HOUSE by Agatha Christie

It’s only right that Agatha gets two spots on this list, not only has she gotten me into the genre, she has been the inspiration for authors everywhere. This specific novel brings in a creepy effect drawn from the setting of the novel which adds to the mystery. Agatha also does a magnificent job opening up the idea that absolutely anyone could be the murderer. Nobody is safe in her novels, and the family dynamic in the book leaves you wondering.

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