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Five of my Favorite Rory Gilmore Recommendations

November 14, 2022

With Thanksgiving break and cold, snowy weather on the horizon, it is the perfect time to load up on books from the library. This week I will be posting five different lists of books that I, an avid reader, recommend. Starting off strong I wanted to do a list of my favorite books that Rory Gilmore has read in the show Gilmore Girls. This show is a fall classic and many readers can find themselves shouting “I’ve read that” at the TV when Rory pulls out a book. 


Plath is one of my favorite authors because of her stunning writing style. Reading this book causes you to dive right into her mind and life, at points the imagery was so detailed that I was convinced it was a novel. I would not suggest this to be read as someone’s first Plath work because it is her journals not actual published works but it is still very much worth the length. 

MRS. DALLOWAY by Virginia Woolf

Adding on to my favorite authors is Virginia Woolf, her character perspectives are ahead of the times and inspires writers everywhere. This book is my personal favorite of Woolf’s because of the connection to the characters I felt. This book is shorter so it allows for a nice quick read that can help pull you out of a slump.

LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET by Rainer Maria Rilke

This collection is widely known and loved for its wisdom and words. The meaning pulled out of the letters travels down generation after generation. With the themes of art and poetry spread throughout the letters, of course this collection is still relevant and a classic today. It is obvious Rilke and Kappus have a gift for words and writing, it isn’t so much as a gripping read but more of a focus on the style and meaning of the writing. 


This collection of poetry is perfect for people just getting into the genre. Dickinson can take the most ordinary of things and form lovely poems out of them. Her simple poems about nature, love, and life are very touching as well as the ones with deeper themes. Overall this collection is very meaningful and filled with poetry. This however is not a book I would read in one session and instead spread it over a longer time to fully enjoy the poetry. 

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS by Jacqueline Susann

This novel written in 1966 is a great view of the time period and an all time pop culture classic. The characters each are a mess individually and together make overall horrible human beings. It is a very entertaining book and although it is older, feels more modern in the way it’s written. I would not say it is a very profound or extremely well-written book but it is hilarious and a quick trashy read. 

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