New Movie Smile is Happily Horrifying

New Movie Smile is Happily Horrifying

Caroline Mohler, Staff Writer

Last week, the highly anticipated movie, Smile, came out in theaters. I had the opportunity to see the movie the day it came out. Here are my thoughts on this new horror movie.

The theater was packed; Every single seat in the theater was taken. It was hard getting a ticket in time. After seeing the movie all over social media, I couldn’t say I was surprised it was so popular. 

If you love slow-burn horror films, this movie is for you. The beginning of the movie features the protagonist, Rose, and her typical job as a psychologist at a mental hospital. It took a good twenty minutes for the movie to start showing signs of horror elements. 

The plot of the movie focuses on a trauma driven demon that haunts its victims— which are all witnesses of suicide. All of these people suffer from a spirit that follows them around and then eventually takes control.

As the movie progresses and the plot builds, it gets increasingly scarier and disturbing. Rose is faced with a tough decision when she becomes exposed to the demon; Should she face her past or concede to the pattern?

The cinematography was of a very high quality which created a dramatic and unsettling film. The movie had a fair share of jumpscares and scenes that forced my eyes to avert from the screen.

The theme of the movie can apply to many aspects of our society, as mental health and suicide are a recurring problem affecting many individuals both directly and indirectly.

The special effects, particularly at the climax, were terrifyingly realistic. The designs of the evil spirit were horrifying and extremely fitting. 

The movie was quite long, almost reaching two hours. I think that the lengthy film could have used some shortening.

In my opinion, the movie wasn’t super scary, but it definitely isn’t a film for the light-hearted. I’d refer to the movie as more of a psychological thriller rather than merely a horror film. The plot of the movie is much more complex than it may appear at first. 

I would definitely recommend watching this movie if you have time. It will either have you on the edge of your seats, or hiding under your blanket. Regardless, it is definitely worth paying a trip to the movie theaters.