AP Classes Teach Valuable Lessons


Avery Cook, Staff Writer

It is no secret that high school comes with the immense pressure of trying to decide what classes to take. I have spent plenty of time worrying that I’m not taking the right classes or somehow missing out on a class I should be in. The range of difficulty with classes can make it feel burdensome to know what you should be signing up for. It can be hard to judge if AP classes will be good for you and if they are worth it. I believe that AP classes are worth taking in high school. 

I want to preface this by saying that I understand that AP classes are not realistic for some people for numerous reasons, this is just a reflection of my own experience. When speaking with most AP students, you will find that they are taking the classes for college credit or a GPA boost. These are two great benefits, but I don’t find them to be the most important. Both of these benefits are directly correlated to how well you do in class/on the final exam. Though both of these things are important, I don’t believe them to be the most crucial things that you take away from the class. 

The extra knowledge and the application skills that come with AP classes are what make them worth taking. AP classes force you to really comprehend the material, making it more memorable. The application that is required in AP classes helps you in more than just a classroom as it allows you to not just learn information but find ways to see it in your everyday life. AP classes are also great at helping you find your strengths and passions. AP classes have helped me solidify my liking of history and well as experience what English can be like at a college level, a field that I am interested in. 

If you have a genuine interest in a topic, AP classes are great for exploring those. By no means are they the only option, but they are a great option for lots of people. The knowledge that can be gained from AP classes helps to shape you into a better learner, worker, and thinker.