Kaytranada and Amine Produce New Collaborative Album

Vivian Fannon

The electronic producer Kaytranada and rapper Aminé recently released a collaborative album. With a single titled 4EVA featuring Pharell Williams, that was released earlier in the month, fans of the two became eager as to what the two have produced. Talk of how their two different styles could merge rose on social media, and I, for one, was very excited to listen to the album after hearing 4EVA, hoping it would achieve a similar vibe to that song.

The album’s name, KAYTRAMINÉ, is a fun play on the two’s names. The vibrant colors of blue and orange on the album cover were very appealing to the eye, and seemed very in tune with the summer season approaching. Before listening to the album, I had high expectations for what this album would sound like. Also considering the fact that this album has features from other extremely popular artists such as Snoop Dogg, Big Sean and Freddie Gibbs, the bar was very high.

Unfortunately, I was let down. Though the album was good, it did not meet my expectations at all. The songs were all very cohesive, which is normally something that I enjoy in an album, but I found that these songs were almost too cohesive, blending together with one another. It was hard to distinguish between songs switching, as they all sounded very similar. While I think I would score this a consistent seven out of ten overall, there were some very strong songs that stood out to me, such as 4EVA, letstalkaboutit and Master P. These songs stood out to me, as I would score these to be nine out of ten.

Overall, this album was good, but nothing extraordinary. Though the production is very satisfying to listen to, the album did not provide much variety and left with almost too similar of a style throughout. As for this being the first collaboration between Kaytranada and Aminé, I thought it was an excellent start and still would enjoy hearing what they might produce together in the future. I would recommend this album to try, as there are a few gems hidden within.