Popeyes Review: Does it live up to the hype?

Sadie Mittendorf, Staff Writer

After opening in Dublin, Popeyes has gained more popularity locally, and rightfully so. Since it opened nearby, I have become obsessed with Popeyes. The chicken sandwiches from Popeyes are truly on another level. The combination of the chicken, mayonnaise, pickle slices, and seasoning creates a perfect flavor that never fails to amaze me. The fact that I like their sandwiches so much says a lot, since I’m usually not a big fan of chicken or mayonnaise. No other chicken sandwich I’ve tried has come close to being as delicious as the Popeyes chicken sandwich. Although some people have compared the sandwiches at Popeyes to the sandwiches at Chick-fil-A, after having both, I can easily say that the taste of the Popeyes chicken sandwich is simply unmatched. The Popeyes chicken sandwich has the perfect amount of flavor, which I have yet to find in the often bland chicken sandwiches from other fast food restaurants. 

While I consider the chicken sandwiches to be the highlight of Popeyes, it also has a great variety of sides that are worth trying. Personally, my favorite sides are the cajun fries and mac and cheese. Just like the chicken sandwiches, the Popeyes cajun fries never disappoint. The cajun seasoning on the fries sets them apart from the typical fast food fries and gives them an amazing flavor. Additionally, you can never go wrong with the mac and cheese at Popeyes. The Popeyes homestyle mac and cheese lives up to its name, as it truly does taste like a homemade mac and cheese. Especially considering that it’s made in a fast food setting, where it’s rare to find mac and cheese on the menu, it’s hard not to be impressed by its amazing taste. 

The only downside to eating at Popeyes in Dublin is that it often has long lines and wait times, specifically in the drive-through. Especially if you go near lunch or dinner time, don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting in a long line for food. These wait times are understandable, considering it’s a relatively popular new location that probably doesn’t have enough employees to quickly meet the demands of its numerous customers. For me, the long waits have always been worth it, but it’s definitely something worth noting since the long lines may be unexpected at first.

Overall, I can easily say that Popeyes lives up to the hype. The food’s amazing taste, as well as the added convenience of its Dublin location, make Popeyes a great place to eat that I would consider superior to the majority of other fast food places.