Coach Prime Gets a Promotion

Sam Wilson, Staff Writer

Deion “Prime Time” Sanders has been in the spotlight ever since he was born. At his most popular time, Sanders was a dual-sport professional athlete and the biggest face in all of sports. After Sanders retired from playing professional sports everyone believed he would keep himself out of the limelight, but contrary to what everyone thought Sanders has now returned to popularity by becoming the head football coach of Jackson State University. 


Since Sanders began his time at Jackson State he has become famous for being a “players coach” and having great connections with his player. An example of this connection is Sanders being able to get top prospect Travis Hunter to commit to Jackson State University over virtually every other college in America. After showing what kind of coach he could be at Jackson State Sanders knew he could improve his situation, and when a job opened up at Colorado Univerity he decided that would be the next step in his career.


In the short time that Sanders has been at Colorado he has had multiple great players transfer to Colorado just so they could play under Sanders. Overall this whole situation has just shown what being yourself can get you in life. Never once in Sanders’ life has he been anything but himself and look where he is now. One of the main reasons Colorado decided to hire Sanders was not just because of his coaching ability but because of the personality behind the coach. Sanders has always put faith before everything he has done, and this opportunity is nothing different. People expect gid things out of Sanders as this is by far the biggest opportunity of his coaching career.