Meow Monday Takes Liberty by Storm


Avery Cook and Hannah Yacob

Besides the normal spirit weeks administered by the guidance counselors or student council, a group of students along with teachers at Liberty have started something they call Meow Monday. 

Meow Monday is a tradition that was started last year by now juniors, Evan Elmquist and Julian King. Since then, on Mondays, they try to wear shirts with cats every week. Meow Monday has now spread out to their friends who have even taken to wearing cat-embellished jewelry or pants. 

“We started Meow Monday to make Mondays more fun,” Elmquist said. “We wanted to have something to do instead of having regular mopey Mondays.” 

Ms. Mitchell, an art teacher at Liberty, has also been participating since last school year. She and her partner have several cat shirts, making this a fun reason to wear them. Mitchell also enjoys the sense of community that comes with traditions like Meow Monday.

“I like that we have something that we are doing on Mondays that’s not just an ‘Ugh Monday’ kind of mood,” Mitchell said. “It gives you something to look forward to that’s fun, goofy and playful.”

Meow Monday was started at the end of the school year when Julian King bought a shirt with a cat on it and coincidentally wore it on a Monday. The joke picked up from there, eventually becoming a weekly Meow Monday. Since then, several more students have joined in the tradition examples being juniors Thomas Sebenoler, Landon Im, and Sophie Doenges. Participants in Meow Monday hope to continue to see the day spread.

“The main goal of Meow Monday right now is more participation,” Elmquist said. “In the future, a Meow Monday spirit day would definitely be cool.”

Ms. Mitchell also feels that more participation with Meow Monday is a great goal. It can help students to connect and have fun with each other.

“When you see the other people who are wearing a cat shirt in the hallway you’re making connections,” Mitchell said. “Participate and have some fun, meet some people via your cat shirt.”