Olentangy Liberty and Berlin Play Soccer Dedicated to Morgan’s Message


Hailey Myers, a junior at OLHS, is trying to spread Morgan Rogers’ mental health journey and story to other students and student athletes. She is doing this with a club that Rogers’ family created, called “Morgan’s Message.”

Morgan Rogers was a NCAA Division I lacrosse player at Duke. Rogers was constantly bubbly, outgoing and always went above and beyond. Her mental health issues didn’t show, but her happiness was mostly a facade. During her sophomore year of college, she got an injury that caused her to be out for one year, which severely damaged her mental health. Rogers took her own life after over a year of feeling hopeless and battling with her mental health.

Now, the Morgan’s Message movement has been created, attempting to become a way to raise awareness and give anyone help.

Just this past week, Myers organized a dedication game with the Varsity and JV Olentangy Liberty and Berlin Girls Soccer teams. Before the game, Myers held a speech to raise awareness for Morgan’s Message. 

“Our goal tonight is to remind you to check on your teammates, as reminded on the shirts,” Myers said in her speech.

The players on each team wore custom Morgan’s Message T-shirts during the game, in order to raise awareness for this cause. 

“The goal of the dedication game was to not only raise awareness for mental health, but to also involve our community in it first hand. Although mental health talk is on the rise, it can never be talked about enough.”

Myers organized the dedication game with Olentangy Berlin, as they now have started a branch of Morgan’s Message at their school. By spreading Morgan’s message, the hope is to create more branches of the club at other schools, and to allow it to be a support group for anyone who needs it.