Liberty Celebrates with Homecoming Cookout


Hannah Yacob, Sports Editor

The student council planned something new this year with the homecoming cookout on September 23rd, unlike the yearly bonfire this took place during school and implemented an extended 50-minute lunch period. This attempt to commemorate homecoming further turned out to be a huge success.

The cookout wasn’t exactly a cookout since the food was still made inside the cafeteria for the students to buy like normal. Still, going outside it was made to feel like a classic barbecue with games like volleyball and cornhole. Music was played the entire time and the lawn was bustling and filled. Since in high school there are rarely opportunities to be with your peers outside of a classic school setting this cookout was unique and enjoyable.

As for games, they did not disappoint. Brought outside were frisbees, many ping pong tables, a pool set, and chalk among other things. And even without these added to the mix, the unexpectedly great weather accounted for a lot of the fun. Just being able to socialize with friends on the grass or tables was a great aspect of the cookout.

Besides the people outside for their lunch periods, many teachers took advantage of the opportunity of this event to bring their own students outside. Though many were confused about the strange schedule and uneven class time, it seemed like most people appreciated the long lunch.

The event happening at all creates a lot of hope for this year with what the student council will decide to do. Last school year they organized things like candygrams. Hopefully, they continue down this route and plan fun things for the Liberty student body to participate in.