Taylor Swift Receives Honorary Doctorate


Avery Cook, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has been a household name for over a decade, her first album coming out in 2006. Through the years she has been awarded eleven Grammys and been nominated for 42. She is the only solo female artist to have won the Grammy for Album of the Year three times. She proved herself yet again on May 18th when she graduated with an honorary doctorate in fine arts from New York University (NYU). 


Swift’s immense success stood in the way of a typical schooling process. She only attended public school until 10th grade when she left to pursue her music career. Swift was able to wear a cap and gown for the first time when she graduated from NYU. 


Swift was allowed to deliver the commencement address at the graduation held at Yankee Stadium. She offered the audience “life hacks”, the wisdom she has gathered from her long career. 


“The first of which is…life can be heavy, especially if you try to carry it all at once. Part of growing up and moving into new chapters of your life is about catch and release. What I mean by that is, knowing what things to keep, and what things to release,” Swift said. “Decide what is yours to hold and let the rest go.”


Swift kept the speech relatively light and fun. She made references to her career and some of her most popular songs. 


“To all the incredible parents, family members, mentors, teachers, allies, friends and loved ones here today who have supported these students in their pursuit of educational enrichment, let me say to you now: Welcome to New York. It’s been waiting for you.”


She finished her speech on a happy and encouraging note by quoting one of her most famous songs, “22”. 


“I hope you know how proud I am to share this day with you. We’re doing this together. So let’s just keep dancing like we’re…the class of ’22.”