Finding the Perfect Promposal

Lindsay Lehman, Staff Writer

Prom season is here Liberty and the pressure to find that perfect promposal is on. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or are dying to have an excuse to ask out your hallway crush, prom can be a great way to do it while making it special, cute, and fun. And cheesy if you’re into that. (From personal experience please don’t walk your partner through your backyard with signs nailed to trees and then when you turn around your parents a sign that says PROM?) The main goal is to not make it awkward and overdo it. So here are some personal promposal ideas ranked from worst to best!


#10: Will You PataGOnia to prom with me?

I can appreciate the Patagonia reference, but how significant can Patagonia be to your high school relationship…Seriously. A pizza with prom written in pepperonis would probably be more meaningful. 

#9: What is the PASTAbility you would go to prom with me?

So I love pasta. Especially spaghetti, but unless the theme is Lady and the Tramp I would say stray away from the meatball and pasta references.

#8: I can PICTURE us together at prom!!

So this is so incredibly basic. Anyone can print out pictures of their significant other. We love original ideas!

#7: This has been RUNNING through my mind…Prom?

So a bit biased…my boyfriend runs track and cross country, so I would definitely use this if I was asking him. But I don’t like running anywhere except away from my Honors Chemistry homework let alone to the school dance in heels and a prom dress. 

#6: I DONUT know how to draw sooo….Prom?

This one I personally think is kinda cute. The phrase is catchy and with a box of donuts, this could be really cute. But did you really struggle that much at writing bubble letters on a poster that you had to make up for it in donuts? Hmmm.

#5: Let’s have an ENCHANTED evening at PROM?

So going off of this year’s theme, Enchanted Forest I had to put something in here in relation to it. I think this one would be decent, a solid promposal but nothing super original. 

#4: MORP? Sorry…PROM?

Again I found this one quite funny. If you got a few friends involved and showed up with a bunch of mixed-up letters that said MORP…I would laugh (in a good way) and it would make the experience quite light-hearted and funny. A solid promposal. 

#3: LEGO to Prom together?

So if you’re both total nerds or you’re thinking something cheesy and kinda dorky throw this one together. It’s pretty simple but crafting the word PROM out of legos definitely shows some effort and dedication and we love that. 

#2: Are you UP for Prom?
So this one with some Balloons would be ADORABLE. The Disney reference. The dedication. The perfect example of a promposal. I love it.

#1: It would be GOLDEN if you went to Prom with me! 

Okay, so this one is executed with one of two things, an adorable golden retriever or puppy or a golden ring. Just kidding. But if your significant other loves dogs or has a really cute puppy, get the pet in on the ask and make it the cutest promposal ever.