Students Should Take Photography

Ella Mohler, Staff Writer

Photo by Lily Weis ’23

As scheduling for the 2022-2023 school year approaches at the end of January, students are beginning to think about which electives they are interested in taking.  One option, which is a popular elective that many students enjoy, is photography.

Lily Weis, a junior at OLHS, is currently enrolled in Photography 2.  She has already taken Photography 1 and enjoys taking pictures everywhere she goes.

“Students should take photography so that they can learn how to capture a movement.  It’s an important life skill everyone should know,” says Weis.

In both Photo 1 and 2, students complete various projects and assignments that are catered to advancing their photography skills and techniques.  

“In Photo 1, you learn how to do simple tasks with your camera such as exposure and focus.  You get to let your creative side shine by getting to turn each assignment into your own.  In Photo 2, students get to learn different types of Photography, rather than different skills, like in Photo 1.  Photo 2 has projects like narrative and diptych.”

Photo by Lily Weis ’23

Not only do students complete projects and assignments to learn about photography, they also improve their abilities as a photographer and artist.

“I loved Photo 2 since I enjoy getting to take photos of whatever I want, and getting to create a story out of it.  I feel like I’ve improved greatly as a photographer and my skills in editing have never been better.”

Photo by Lily Weis ’23

Lily’s artwork is featured on her Photography Instagram account: @lilyphotographz