My Opinion on the NFL Playoffs


Grant Murphy, Staff Writer

Matchups for the AFC:

Raiders vs Bengals

These are two new teams to the postseason this year. Both QBs are on the rise and had amazing seasons. I think even though the Bengals won big in this matchup earlier in the season, I expect a lot closer matchup this time around.

Prediction: 27-21 Bengals

Patriots vs Bills

Even though these teams split the regular season matchups I think the Bills are for sure the better team. I think in Buffalo even though this game is supposed to be close it’s already decided.

Prediction: 28-17 Bills

Steelers vs. Chiefs

Let’s be honest. It’s cool that the Steelers made the playoffs in Big Ben’s last season but it for sure ends here. Chiefs got it easy and should be able to move on pretty easy.

Prediction: 31-13 Chiefs

Matchups for the NFC:

Cardinals vs. Rams

This is probably the best game of the first round. I really have no idea who will take this one but if I have to make a choice the home team might just be the advantage needed to win this one.

Prediction: 23-21 Rams

49ers vs. Cowboys

Well, well, well, look who’s back in the playoffs the Dallas Cowboys. Look they come in as favorites and are a great team but I think the one thing you don’t want to do is run into a hot team in the playoffs and that’s what the Cowboys are doing.

Prediction: 17-16 49ers

Eagles vs. Buccaneers

It’s really impressive that the Eagles made the playoffs with the roster they had but running into Tom Brady in the playoffs is not ideal.

Prediction: 35-20 Bucs