MLB Lockdown, What does this mean for baseball?

Grant Murphy

On December 2nd, the MLB decided that they were going to put the league into a lockdown. But what does that really mean for the season and the teams? The MLB determined that a lockdown means that as of right now the season is paused until further notice and no activity will be allowed for any team.

The reason for the shutdown though in the MLB is to solve the way money is being distributed throughout the lower levels of baseball that lead up to the MLB. The minor league players are not receiving enough money to be able to make a living off baseball. Many players are being forced to work a second job while playing a professional sport. 

Another problem is that MLB is not doing a good job distributing money between teams without a salary cap. A free agent this offseason Max Scherzer, is making more money than 8 full MLB rosters.

The problem the MLB is trying to solve is finding out how the minor leaguers are going to make more money without driving in a bunch of revenue. Who is going to sacrifice? That is what needs to be figured out if we are going to have an MLB season this year.