Music with Managing Midterms

Lindsay Lehman and Hailey Meyers

As we all prepare for midterms this school year studying becomes an unavoidable process in order to make it through the week. People use lots of different methods when it comes to studying in general. Music can also be a really great tactic to focus on studying. 

Psychology shows that spacing out your studying rather than cramming can be a lot more effective in keeping the information in your long-term memory for a longer period of time. 

Listening to music seems to be a popular way to zone in and get your work done. As for Liberty, here’s what the student population said about their general music decisions when it comes to everyday music. 

In their free time, the most popular type of music listened to was Pop with 75.4% of the participants choosing that as their favorite. In a close second was Rap with 62.3% and coming in third was Indie/Alternative music at 57.4%. The least popular genres are Jazz, Electronic music, and Religious music.

Now when it comes to studying students have other preferences. 

47.5% of people have a preference for Indie/Alternative music while  34.4% have a preference for pop. The least popular music for studying are also the Electronic/Dance music, Religious music, and Rock genres. . 

When asked if there were any preferences for specific songs or artists, Taylor Swift, Adele, and songs without any lyrics were the most popular answers from anonymous respondents. 

So if you’re looking for something to listen to while studying this semester when you’re preparing for your exams, maybe consider giving one of these a try. Who knows, you may find something new you like!