Reviewing Martha Stewart’s Perfect Mashed Potato Recipe

Rebecca Tonetti

Thanksgiving just happened and on most tables there was a bowl of mashed potatoes. They are smooth and buttery and are perfect paired with gravy. I tested out Martha Stewart’s “Perfect Mashed Potato Recipe” to see if it truly is the perfect recipe to implement this holiday season.

The recipe starts out with peeling and cutting the potatoes and then placing them in a pot with water to simmer. Instead of simmering the potatoes I boiled them first then simmered because they were taking a really long time to soften. After the potatoes were ready, there were two ways you could prepare them. You could use a potato ricer or electric mixer with a paddle attachment. However, I used a manual potato masher because I had neither and it worked really well. 

A step you have to focus on is mashing the potatoes until there are no lumps, peeling the potatoes and creating a smooth consistency made all the difference. To the recommended 2 pounds of potatoes you add 4 tablespoons of butter. In case you haven’t realized, this recipe is not going to be on the list of healthiest Thanksgiving side dishes. Once incorporated, add milk or cream that has been heating up on the stove and mix it into the potatoes. I used cream and allowed it to lightly simmer before adding it into the potatoes. 

The step of this recipe that is more unique is adding ¼ teaspoon nutmeg on top of the regular salt and pepper. I wasn’t sure how the nutmeg was going to taste in the potatoes but I was pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed these mashed potatoes. They had a great consistency and the nutmeg added a homey flavor, perfect for the holidays. I would definitely recommend this recipe, however maybe not for thanksgiving. I had them alongside chicken piccata and the potatoes were able to shine on their own. However, during Thanksgiving the mashed potatoes are used as a base for gravy and Turkey. I can’t guarantee everyone will love the addition of nutmeg but I know my family will be continuing to make this delicious and easy recipe. You can find this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website, “Perfect Mashed Potato Recipe”.