Braves Win World Series for the First Time in 26 Years


Grant Murphy

The Atlanta Braves are the 2021 World Series Champs. It was unlike any other World Series run before as they were a team of destiny. When most teams have big injuries on their team, they fade out and give up on the season. Not the Braves.

Their number one pitcher Mike Soroka and star outfielder Ronald Acuna were both injured this season. Fans worried that the season would be over for them as they were below 500 at the halfway mark of the season given a .3% chance to win the World Series.

At the trade deadline, the Braves went all in and surprised everyone by getting players like Eddie Rosario, Joc Pederson, Jorge Soler, and Adam Duvall. Recruiting these players was a huge advantage for the Braves during the postseason.

On the playoff run, the Braves took down the Brewers in four games, the Dodgers in six games, and then won it all against the Astros in six games. One of their trade deadline pickups, Jorge Soler, won the World Series MVP and another one of their pickups, Eddie Rosario won NLCS MVP.

The Braves were an incredible story. Their season was another example to all sports teams to never give up, no matter what spot your team is in.