78th Annual Golden Globes: Movie Predictions

Carson Zorn, Writer

Tonight is the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards. If you don’t already know, the Golden Globes are TV and Movie awards. If you’re interested in my predictions for the TV awards, check out my article here: https://olhspatriotpress.com/5062/opinion/78th-annual-golden-globe-awards-television-predictions/#photo

But this article is focused on the movie awards, and while I was able to watch more TV than usual this year, I still know more about movies, so my movie award predictions may be a little more accurate than my TV predictions. But just like my TV predictions article, I will be predicting what will win, and what should win (aka what I want to win) for each category. Here are my Golden Globe Movie category predictions:


Best Original Song- Motion Picture

“Fight For You”- “Judas and the Black Messiah”

“Hear My Voice”- “Trial of the Chicago 7”

“IO SI (Seen)”- “The Life Ahead”

“Speak Now”- “One Night in Miami”

“Tigers and Tweed”- “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”

While these are all really good songs, only one really sticks out in my mind as an award winner, and that is “Speak Now.” Not only are the lyrics really relevant to current events, but the song is performed by the incredibly talented Leslie Odom Jr. This is the only song out of the nominees that manages to get stuck in my head, and I think there’s almost no way it doesn’t win the award.

Will Win: “Speak Now”- “One Night in Miami”

Should Win: “Speak Now”- “One Night in Miami”


Best Original Score:

“The Midnight Sky”

“News of the World”



This one is a no brainer. “Soul” is 100% going to win this award, and it totally deserves to. There has not been a score that impacted my enjoyment of a movie this much since the score for “Joker” last awards season. If “Soul” doesn’t win, it will be one of the biggest mistakes the Golden Globes has ever made.

Will Win: “Soul”

Should Win: “Soul”


Best Motion Picture- Foreign Language

“Another Round,” Denmark

“La Llorona,” Guatemala/France

“The Life Ahead,” Italy

“Minari,” USA
“Two of Us,” France/USA

While there is some controversy surrounding it, “Minari” is the clear cut winner in this category. The controversy isn’t necessarily a really bad controversy, it’s just that the movie is from the USA, but spoken in a foreign language, and some people are unhappy with that. While “Minari” is almost certainly going to win, “Another Round” is actually my favorite of this bunch, and it’s unfortunate that it’s not getting the recognition it deserves.

Will Win: “Minari”

Should Win: “Another Round”


Best Motion Picture- Animated

“The Croods: A New Age”


“Over the Moon”



I would be happy with either of the Pixar movies (“Onward,” “Soul”) winning here, but in all reality I think one stands out more than the other, and that is “Soul.” “Soul” is one of the best animated films I’ve seen in a long time. The animation was spectacular, the comedy worked, the music was amazing, but most of all, the story was perfect. It tackles some of the most mature themes I’ve ever seen in an animated movie. “Soul” absolutely deserves to win, and it will, unless the Golden Globes truly hate Pixar and give it to “Croods.”

Will Win: “Soul”
Should Win: “Soul”


Best Screenplay

Emerald Fennell- “Promising Young Woman”

Jack Fincher- “Mank”

Aaron Sorkin- “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

Florian Zeller, Christopher Hampton- “The Father”

Chloe Zhao- “Nomadland”

Sorry everyone else not named Aaron Sorkin, I don’t love your chances in this category. Aaron Sorkin is, in my opinion, the best screenwriter working today, and totally deserves to win this award. “Trial of the Chicago 7” has an amazing script, and it made the movie that much better. I really don’t see anyone but Sorkin winning here.

Will Win: Aaron Sorkin- “Trial of the Chicago 7”

Should Win: Aaron Sorkin- “Trial of the Chicago 7”


Best Director

David Fincher- “Mank”

Regina King- “One Night in Miami”

Aaron Sorkin- “Trial of the Chicago 7”

Chloe Zhao- “Nomadland”

Emerald Fennell- “Promising Young Woman”

While I like Zhao’s chances to win this award at the Oscars, I just don’t see it happening here for some reason. The Golden Globes are quite random and unpredictable, don’t forget, these people voted for “Bohemian Rhapsody” to win best picture. So, I think they’ll give the award to David Fincher for “Mank.” “Mank” feels like one of the movies that will get a lot of nominations at awards shows but then barely win anything. So, I think the Globes will try to give it one here. While “Mank” is actually my least favorite movie out of this group, it was extremely well made, and Fincher deserves a lot of credit for that, but he’s not who I would necessarily vote for. 

Will Win: David Fincher- “Mank”

Should Win: Chloe Zhao- “Nomadland”


Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture

Sacha Baron Cohen- “Trial of the Chicago 7”

Daniel Kaluuya- “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Jared Leto- “The Little Things”

Bill Murray- “On the Rocks”

Leslie Odom Jr.- “One Night in Miami”

First of all, seeing Jared Leto on here was a huge surprise…and not necessarily in a good way. If he wins this award, I might not watch the rest of the awards ceremony. I think this award is between Kaluuya and Odom, and I would honestly be happy with either of them winning. Both of them had fantastic performances as historical figures with tragic deaths. I personally liked Odom’s performance just a tad bit better, but Kaluuya was fantastic as well. I feel like the Globes will give Kaluuya the award because they gave Odom the award for Best Song, but I think they both have a real shot at winning it.

Will Win: Daniel Kaluuya- “Judas and the Black Messiah”

Should Win: Leslie Odom Jr.- “One Night in Miami”/Daniel Kaluuya- “Judas and the Black Messiah”


Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture

Glenn Close- “Hillbilly Elegy”

Olivia Colman- “The Father”

Jodie Foster- “The Mauritanian”

Amanda Seyfried- “Mank”

Helena Zengel- “News of the World”

This is a very interesting category this year. Almost anyone in this category could take home the gold. I don’t honestly have the faintest idea of a clue who could win, but I think I’m going to go with Seyfried. She’s been acting for such a long time with such little recognition that I think she finally gets it. Glenn Close is in a very similar position though, and has been acting for even longer, so it could be interesting to see which way this award goes.

Will Win: Amanda Seyfried- “Mank”

Should Win: Amanda Seyfried- “Mank”


Best Actor in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy

Sacha Baron Cohen- “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

James Corden- “The Prom”

Lin-Manuel Miranda- “Hamilton”

Dev Patel- “The Personal History of David Copperfield”

Andy Samberg- “Palm Springs”

While this will spoil the next couple categories of this article, but I think “Borat” is about to do a clean sweep of the Musical or Comedy categories. While it’s not bad, “Palm Springs” was literally my favorite movie of 2020, so I obviously want it to win wherever it can. I don’t love Miranda’s chances of winning, or “Hamilton’s” chances in general, because I don’t really consider it a movie. The backlash for Corden’s performance and the lack of recognition for “Copperfield” in other categories leads me to believe it will be between Cohen and Samberg, but I think Cohen will come away with it.

Will Win: Sacha Baron Cohen- “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

Should Win: Andy Samberg- “Palm Springs”


Best Actress in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy

Maria Bakalova- “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” 

Kate Hudson- “Music”

Michelle Pfeiffer- “French Exit”

Rosamund Pike- “I Care A Lot”

Anya Taylor-Joy- “Emma”

This is a surprisingly weak category. Obviously these are all very talented actresses but I feel like there was never any awards hype for any of them except for Bakalova, and that’s why I believe she’ll win. I am also extremely sad that Cristin Millioti was snubbed in this category for her work in “Palm Springs.” “Music” has become the most hated film on the planet in recent weeks, so there’s no way Hudson wins, Taylor-Joy will get her wins for “Queen’s Gambit,” and not here, and again, no one is talking about Preiffer or Pike, so I really don’t feel like they’ll win.

Will Win: Maria Bakalova- “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

Should Win: Maria Bakalova- “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”


Best Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama

Chadwick Boseman- “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

Riz Ahmed- “The Sound of Metal”

Anthony Hopkins- “The Father”

Gary Oldman- “Mank”

Tahar Rahim- “The Mauritanian”

If Boseman does not win this award, it will be one of, if not the worst mistakes the Golden Globes has ever made. Boseman’s performance in “Black Bottom” was electrifying and he stole every scene he was in, and unfortunately, it was his last performance since he so sadly passed away. So many people are saying that he doesn’t deserve the award ‘just because he died’ and while that is somewhat true, not only does he deserve the award for his amazing performance, I think he does deserve recognition for doing all of his acting performances since 2016 while battling stage four cancer. The other nominees in this category are fantastic as well, but I really want Boseman to win, and I think he will.

Will Win: Chadwick Boseman- “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

Should Win: Chadwick Boseman- “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”


Best Actress in a Motion Picture- Drama

Viola Davis- “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

Andra Day- “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”

Vanessa Kirby- “Pieces of a Woman”

Frances McDormand- “Nomadland”

Carey Mulligan- “Promising Young Woman”

This is Mulligan’s award to lose. She has so much more momentum than every other nominee in this category. Her performance in “Promising Young Woman” is practically perfect, and she will absolutely deserve this win. Kirby could be a potential upset, but I think the lack of recognition for “Pieces of a Woman” in other categories might just rule her out of the equation. 

Will Win: Carey Mulligan- “Promising Young Woman”

Should Win: Carey Mulligan- “Promising Young Woman”


Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”



“Palm Springs”

“The Prom”

This award is between “Borat” and “Palm Springs.” And while I did say I believe “Borat” will sweep, I do think “Palm Springs” has a shot in this category. I really hope “Springs” wins, because it is a fantastic movie, and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. But, I think “Borat” completes it’s sweep and wins this award as well.

Will Win: “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”

Should Win: “Palm Springs”


Best Motion Picture- Drama

“The Father”



“Promising Young Woman”

“Trial of the Chicago 7”

I spent a long time thinking about this award, and I think I’ve made a choice I feel pretty good about. I think “Chicago 7” takes home the biggest award of the night. Not only would it totally deserve it, but it is exactly the kind of movie awards voters love. It’s well written, well acted, and is about a major historical event. While I think there is a strong chance for a “Nomadland” upset, or even a “Promising Young Woman” shock, I feel confident that “Chicago 7” will win the biggest award of the night.

Will Win: “Trial of the Chicago 7”

Should Win: “Trial of the Chicago 7”